Research indicates that running is good for you!

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All runners hear the naysayers: Running is bad for your knees; running destroys the body; don’t you know people drop dead at marathons?

You can now silence the negativity, as these new studies available via the link below quell the defeatists and demonstrate this form of exercise does indeed benefit you


Support from Tesco bears fruit!

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Big thank you Community Champion Theresa and the team at Tesco Extra in Quedgeley for kindly helping the first 250 people who register recover after the fun run by providing bananas and apples.

Very kind and will make such a difference. As they say ‘Every little helps’!

Post run recovery – so important!


Especially if you are new to running  a hard workout is good for the body and soul, but not without a solid recovery plan.

Pushing yourself too hard without taking good care of your body can result in days or even weeks of soreness.

Whether you’re working out to get in better shape, to feel faster or both, limiting your activity due to sore muscles can set you back.

Hints and tips at and

Kingsway Primary School steps up!


Big thank you to the staff and pupils at Kingsway Primary School.

The school are encouraging the pupils to take part and have kindly given each parent information about the event.

Staff and parents led by Mrs Lawes and Mr England are allowing the 5k route to include their playing field and running a water station.

The event fits well with the school’s ongoing commitment to their pupil’s well being, health, fitness and engagement with their community.


Pictures from launch event

Great to have AllCooper Security, Cass Stephens and Pertemps Recruitment as sponsors at today’s launch event.

It was super too that the Mayor & Sheriff were there to thank them.

Watch out for coverage over the next few days in The Citizen and on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Free training prgramme

Be quick if you or anyone you know is looking to get fit enough to take part in the run to the free 6 week training programme.
Just a few places left for people who register for the event.
6 weeks of carefully planned physical exercise; including cardio, strength and conditioning and yoga sessions with easy-to-follow videos and instructions.
The importance of a healthy and balanced diet is explained with informative articles and an insight into basic sports nutrition. Daily motivation will help participant feel supported and encouraged throughout the programme.